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standard services

Lawn mowing

Over the course of the year it is necessary to maintain a well managed lawn. Not only does consistent mowing keep your lawn looking better but it also supports a healthier lawn by keeping back weeds and crabgrass.

Trimming overgrown grass/weeds

While having brick edges and rock retaining walls is nice, it also provides extra spaces for weeds and unwanted grass to grow and flourish. Lawn Chief makes sure to trim all those areas and keep your yard looking great.

Blowing grass and other debris

Clippings and other debris will make their way into your driveways and patios whether from a servicing or being blown in by the wind. That is why the last step is to always blow them off.

additional Services

What sets us apart

Unlike most lawn care companies, the Lawn Chief allows for more frequent or less frequent servicing depending on your preferences and how quickly your yard grows. Also no long term contracts are required. So if you just need your yard serviced one time we can do that too. This allows you to have more flexibility and always have your lawn looking how YOU want it. 

In addition we offer:

Grass seeding


Spraying for weeds

Small shrub and tree removal/trimming

Hauling away any yard waste

About me

Hi, my name is Grayson Will. I've been mowing and maintaining lawns for over 10 years. A Hudson native, I've lived in central Illinois all my life. I attend the University of Illinois and am majoring in Materials Science and Engineering.